Curious about us?

We provide our boys and girls fundamental basketball skills from 3rd grade through high school and beyond.  We have joined Baylor Basketball league which gives our youth and opportunity to be seen by college scouts and get some real exposure.  Some skills such as teamwork improve social skills that enhance the lives of our youth. On and off the court life-skills, such as respect, courtesy, organization, and self discipline are acquired ​through volunteering at Notre Dame University concession stands.  We also guide our youth on societal expectations of respecting adults, team mates, referees and ultimately, themselves. Our community service opportunities allow our youth to learn about giving back to the community which we believe builds self respect and character.

Why Life Skills for Youth?

Positive Outlook South Bend, Inc. was created over 20 years ago by Michael Poole. The plight of young men of color was declining at a rapid pace and young women were not far behind. They were struggling academically and dropout rates were on the rise. In direct correlation, crime rates were increasing and young men of color were being killed or incarcerated at an alarming rate.


Coach Poole was compelled to do something . . . anything to make a positive difference and impact the lives of these youth. He began with a desire to simply get these youth off the street, give them hope for a better tomorrow and create a means to mentor them toward a more positive direction.


He used sports to reach them and began a basketball program - the South Bend Breakers. Initially, a safe place to come, play and escape whatever personal troubles but it has developed into a mentoring program. We provide youth an outlet through sports which helps to develop positive life skills, encourage healthy life choices, job training through volunteering at concessions at Notre Dame/ SB Cubs, and attend community events to enhance commitment to their environment.


Over the years the program grew, impacting the lives of hundreds if not thousands of youth. Before COVID-19, the South Bend Breakers had over ten teams, working with both boys and girls, grades 3 - 12. We now have 8 teams but with the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions, we see a daily increase.


Positive Outlook SB has formed partnerships with various community organizations, like Peace First Ministry, which offers mental health and conflict resolution services. And Institute for Emerging Leaders (IEL), a program to expose high school and young adults about achieving financial independence.

Our Mission Positive Outlook, LLC is a community of parents and volunteers promoting individual responsibility, teamwork, health and wellness, and academic excellence to its members. ​ Vision Statement To help our members aspire to ExCell in life with healthy life styles and behaviors. ​ Core Objectives Positive Outlook, LLC aspires to increase volunteer participation at Brown School as our enrollment continues to increase. To provide after school tutoring. To open our elementary summer school. To raise the college bound acceptance rate to 100.00% through our affiliate, Baylor Basketball League, which introduces our youth to college scouts. ​

Our Mission

Promote individual responsibility, and aim for academic excellence and improve physical and mental wellness with assistance from Peace First Ministries.


Vision Statement

To help our members aspire to Excel in life with healthy lifestyles and Christian behaviors.


Core Objectives

  • To Build our own Gymnasium

  • To raise the college-bound acceptance rate to 100.00%

  • To increase volunteer participation

  • To find more local opportunities for youth to learn job skills.